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Leadership Tip: Then We Wait

I recently posted the following thought on Twitter:

Some days are for planting seed. Others for harvesting. But MOST DAYS are for preparing, tending, and waiting.

It raised quite a ruckus and a chorus of “that’s the truth!”

Anyone who has been involved in gardening or farming knows this fundamental fact.

In the spring time, there’s a mad dash to till the soil and get the seed in the ground. In just a few days or weeks, the work is over.

Then we wait. Wait for the seed to come up.

Then we wait. Wait for the crop to grow.

Then we tend the crop by eliminating weeds and applying fertilizer.

Then we wait. And we prepare the equipment. We clean up the planting implements and prepare the harvesting equipment.

Then we wait. We wait for the time to harvest.

Then another mad dash occurs at harvest time. We work like crazy to get the crops “in the shed” before weather can destroy it.

Then we wait. And we prepare the equipment again for another season. We prepare the soil for the next growing season.

The same is true for your finances and in your leadership. There will be moments where it will require the “mad dash” of effort. Then there will be moments where it will be waiting, tending, and preparing.

It’s what you do in the “then we wait” moments that dictates how well you will perform in the “mad dash” times.

Are you preparing for your next mad dash? My book, OXEN – The Key To An Abundant Harvest, is a perfect resource to prepare you for a maximized financial future.

Leadership Tip: Importance of Communication

During a leadership conference I attended, I heard a great statement by Pastor Van Moody. He said:

When you get sick of saying it is when they are just starting to get it.

It is so true. As a leader, you are the chief vision caster. This means that the vision must ooze from every pore of your body. Even when you feel like everyone in the room has heard you say it 7,004 times, say it again. After all, vision leaks.

While you may have heard yourself say it 7,004 times, it could be the first time one of your clients hear it. It might be the first time a team member truly heard you say it – and finally get what you are saying.

What is it you want your organization to accomplish? What good thing are you expecting your team to deliver? What do you dream of your customers saying after your organization has served them?

Say it! Then say it again …

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Leadership Tip: Your Pay Raise Is Effective When You Are

I love listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio. He’s a Financial Hero. I remember a specific conversation he held with a caller who felt they “deserved” a pay raise. When asked why they felt they deserved increased compensation, the caller could not effectively answer the question. They felt an answer of “I deserve it” should be sufficient. Dave responded with this great statement:

Your pay raise is effective when you are.

In other words, when you value to your organization and help them generate more revenue or more profit, you will be in position to receive more revenue.

  • If you help your company reduce warranty claims, you reduce their operating costs – which leads to more profit.
  • If you sell more products at excellent margins, you yield more profit.
  • If you are a manufacturing line worker and reduce a specific defect by 50%, you help the company reduce re-work expenses – which leads to more profit.
  • If you are a hair stylist and your work is so good that 95% of your business is repeat/regular customers, you’ve demonstrated the ability to secure profit.
  • If you identify a way for your company to increase its business in another field, you’ve added tremendous value to that company.

It is the individual who shows up to work every single day knowing their work is essential to the company’s success that helps the company become wildly effective. And money tends to flow toward wildly effective and innovate people.


  1. How do you add value to your organization? Can you monetize that value? If so, how much value do you bring?
  2. How can you add more value to your organization? What idea(s) would help increase revenue and profitability?

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Leadership Tip: Making Hard Decisions

When you are called into a leadership role, you will inevitably face a very difficult situation that requires a hard decision.

And the moment will come when you realize you are the leader who must make that hard decision.

I’ve faced them as the leader of I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. and INJOY Stewardship Solutions.

I’ve had to make them as the leader of my family.

Here’s what I know to be true about this difficult decisions:

  • It is no fun at all
  • It exacts a pound of flesh from you
  • Some people won’t understand the decision
  • It never gets easier

I always run these decisions through the following filter:

  1. Glean all information I can via conversation and gathering data from everyone and everything involved
  2. Prayer
  3. Discussion with my bride
  4. Conversation with my leadership team

Here are some questions I ask:

  • What is the real situation?
  • What is the real decision that is needed?
  • What is best for my family?
  • What is best for the business?
  • What is best for all parties involved?

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If You CARE, You Will PREPARE!

If you CARE, you will PREPARE.

When you truly care about something, you will prepare for it.

  • If you care about having an incredible marriage, you will put effort into it. You will have purposeful time together. You will prepare moments free of the children so you can focus on each other.
  • If you care about maximizing your money, you will prepare a budget. Obtaining a great financial education will be a top priority for you. There would be people in your life you view as your “money coaches” – persons who are winning with their money and can help you too!
  • If you care about retirement, you will make saving and investing money a top priority.
  • If you want to help your company succeed, you will show up to meetings completely prepared with the appropriate data, facts, and figures. You will have given substantial thinking time to what you want to accomplish with the meeting.

By the way, this applies to moments as well as lifelong pursuits. If you have high expectations of an awesome date with your spouse (or someone you think would make a great spouse) – you will prepare for it. You will be looking and smelling good, have a restaurant picked out (with reservations, if necessary), and the concert tickets in hand. But if a person doesn’t care, he will show up (late, of course) not looking and smelling good and ask his date: “Where do you want to go to eat?”

If you CARE, you will PREPARE. Think on this throughout the next week and observe how the people in your life prepare for things. It will reveal how much they truly care.

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Leadership Tip: What You Do And Say Matters

What you DO matters most but what you SAY matters as well!

As a leader, what you do and say matters greatly. Ensuring that you actually do what you say is always challenging. If you are a parent, you know this to be exceptionally true. I was reminded of this recently as I was driving down a busy road in my home town with my young son in the backseat. I had recently heard him say the word “stupid” and administered appropriate chastisement: “Son, you shouldn’t say that word. It’s not nice.”

This road we were traveling on has what seems like one thousand traffic lights – accompanied by about as many crazy drivers. Sure enough, a person pulled out right in front of me and nearly caused an accident. “Stupid driver!” I exclaimed.

Any parent knows what happened next.
Son: “Dad!”
Me: “Yes, son?”
Son: “You shouldn’t say that word. It’s not nice.”
Me: “You’re right, son. I’m sorry.”

It is important to do what you say. If not, well, they call that hypocrisy.

Here’s the challenge:

  1. Spend the next day listening to what you are saying – record your conversations if you need to.
  2. Ask yourself the following questions:
    • Am I saying what matters most?
    • Am I communicating clearly to others?
    • Am I modeling “doing” what I’m “saying”?

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Your Level of EXPECTATION determines your level of PREPARATION

I’ve run across an amazing statement that has greatly impacted me over the past month. Here it is:

Your level of EXPECTATION determines your level of PREPARATION.

It is so true.

  • If you are excited about going on a date with your spouse, you will PREPARE for it. You will plan the location, activities, and food. You will clean up and dress up. You will be on time. Conversely, if you aren’t excited about it, you won’t spend any time preparing for it and will be content with the “Where do you want to go? I don’t know. Where do YOU want to go?” type of approach.
  • If you are pumped about starting a new business, you will PREPARE for it. You will have a detailed business plan that includes pro-forma income statements, executive summaries to present to potential investors, a SWOT Analysis, and be actively learning everything you need to know about the product or service you will offer, necessary suppliers, and your future customers. If you don’t expect to really start a business, you will be content with saying, “I really want to start a business one day.” And that “one day” will never happen.
  • If you expect to win with money, you will PREPARE for it. You will prepare and live by a written monthly budget. It will be your top priority to give, save, and invest money. You will be extremely cautious with debt. You will devour books, blogs, and seminars about investing, saving, and maximizing your overall portfolio. If you don’t really expect to win with money, you will be content with saying, “I just need to make more money to succeed.”

Hear me clearly on this: Your level of EXPECTATION determines your level of PREPARATION.


  1. Review your calendar and checkbook. Do they reveal activity that shows you are truly preparing to accomplish your expected goals?
  2. What is one change you can make today that will begin to make a difference in your life tomorrow?

Are You A Leader?

You are a leader.

Did you know that?

You might be the leader of a business, charity, church, school, club, or a family.

The titles vary. Here are a few:

  • Father
  • Mother
  • Parent
  • Husband
  • Wife
  • President
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • Pastor
  • Dean
  • Teacher
  • Owner
  • Board Member
  • Director

I’m convinced that if I were to look at each of the roles I serve in through a leadership lens, I would be more effective.

For example, it is common for me to share, “I’m the father of three children.” What if I said (and acted upon) the statement, “I’m leading three children.”?

It moves the statement from passive to active. You see, saying “I’m a father” only shares a historical fact. Stating “I’m leading” shares the need for ongoing attention and action!

It makes sense, doesn’t it? By saying, “I’m leading three children,” it indicates that I’m:

  • Actively involved
  • Required to set the example
  • Teaching them
  • Equipping them to become productive citizens!

Instead of saying, “I’m the CEO of I Was Broke. Now I’m Not., LLC,” it is much more weighty to say, “I’m the leader …”

Who and what are you leading?

NOTE: This post was written as part of the “Leadership” series here at the wildly popular! Click HERE to access all previous tips in this series.

Do You Want To Work With Joseph Sangl?

With my acquisition of Injoy Stewardship Solutions, I need to hire a team member.  Are you THE ONE?

You might be if …

  • You want to serve on a team that is high-energy
  • You want to be a part of a team focused on excellence and growth
  • You are excited to serve churches across the globe
  • You are excited to serve people
  • You are FIRED UP about life
  • You love details and administration and computers and software and phones and Internet and social media
  • You live in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia area

Take a look at the Job Posting HERE.  If you are FIRED UP after reading the job description and feel like this would be a great way to invest your life, send your resume along with three references to the following email address:

Blogs And Websites Joe Sangl Reads Daily

There are many great blogs and websites out there, but there are a few that I have chosen to read every single day.   I believe that consistent reading of these sites has helped me grow as a leader, business owner, and individual.

Personal and Business Finances Sites/Blogs

Leadership Blogs

News and Sports

Social Media

Communication and Schedule Management


Some of you may be thinking, “Does he really type all of those web site addresses in every single day?”   The answer is NO – I use the multi-tab feature of my web browser (I like Firefox and Google Chrome).   When I open my browser, these websites automatically load.   I spend less than 15 minutes of each morning catching up on what is news.

I would love to hear about the sites you visit on a daily basis – share them with me in the comments!

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What Is The Vision?

Most people struggle with managing their money well.   When asked about the cause of their financial struggles, many reasons are presented, but most of them are inaccurate or misguided.   Too little income, high expenses, non-participating spouse, high debt load, health issues, and bad luck are often presented to me as the reason for financial misery.

All of these reasons are SYMPTOMS of a poor financial situation, but they are not the CAUSE.

I truly believe that the number one cause of financial failure is LACK OF VISION.

Proverbs 29:18 KJV says, “Without vision, the people perish.”   Observe great leaders and you will realize that they have tremendous vision.   Speak with individuals who have won with their own money, and you will realize that they also have a clearly defined vision for their life and finances.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Write down your vision for your life and family.

Do it right now!   Here are some good starter statements:

  • In 20 years, we want to have given away $XX,XXX to the following organizations.
  • In 20 years, we want to have traveled to …
  • In our lifetime, we want to be able to …

I would be honored if you would share some of your vision statements with me!   Send them to me HERE.

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What Got You Here WON’T Get You There

What got you here WON’T get you there.

There are times in your life where you recognize this fundamental truth.   It is a pivotal, life-altering moment when you recognize it.

It could happen when you become a parent for the first time.   You recognize that your life is forever altered.   If you choose to continue life as it was before the child arrived, you will not last long.   Late nights are now reserved for consoling a crying baby.   Your spending money now purchases diapers and baby food.   Life   must change in order to prosper and succeed in this new phase.

It might happen in your business.   You started the business because you were passionate about the work.   Then an amazing thing happens – your work is blessed and the company grows.   The next thing you know, over half of your time is consumed with everything BUT doing the work you love.   Accounting, taxes, sales, inventory, purchasing, and customers consume your time and strip away your ability to do the work.   The way in which you manage the business MUST change in order to take it to the next level.

It might happen in your budget!   You wake up one day to realize that you are not making the progress you desire.   SOMETHING must be done differently.

So … Are YOU facing this dilemma right now?

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Church Leaders: FREE Conference Call “Funded And Free”

If you are a church leader, I would love to you have you participate in the “Funded and Free” FREE Conference Call tomorrow (today?) – WEDNESDAY, 9/15, @ 1PM Eastern Time.   Topics include: Year-End Giving and Launching The New Year right!

I will be speaking as well as my Funded And Free co-author, Casey Graham.

You can register HERE.

More than 100 leaders have registered ALREADY!!!

I can’t wait!!!

BOOK: Leadership Lessons From THE BOOK – William Bliss

I am PASSIONATE about helping people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible.

What many of you may not know is that IWBNIN has started a fledgling book publishing company.  I love helping passionate people accomplish their dream of having their book published.

With that news, I would like to CONGRATULATE William G Bliss [Bill] on the upcoming release of his new book, Leadership Lessons From THE BOOK – Applying Biblical Lessons For Today’s Leaders.

Bill has provided executive leadership consulting services for over 25 years and is passionate about connecting biblical principles with practical application.

Personally, I was challenged by this book and was inspired and equipped to apply these principles to my business.  If you are a leader, I recommend you purchase a copy today (FREE SHIPPING through 10/1/2009).

Below is a small sampling of the praise for Leadership Lessons From THE BOOK:

“Bill has drawn on years of effective leadership consulting to produce a book full of rich biblical insights coupled with practical tools and suggestions so you can implement what you learn. Clearly written by someone who knows what he’s talking about.”

— Richard Blackaby, PhD, President of Blackaby Ministries International

“Bill is a very accomplished business leader who has studied these topics extensively. He does continual research and the presentation of his years of work and research are worth reading! The topics are as old as creation itself but his fresh approach is a treasure you will want to uncover.”

— Dave Rae, Chief Operating Officer of Crown Financial Ministries

“As a leader, I discovered the Bible as the best manual for business, leadership, family, and life. Bill’s insights are so unique because as a Leadership Coach he has seen it all first hand: the potential, pressure, and complexity of leadership – and the joy of studying the Bible. Bill’s book offers a truly inspiring and practical perspective. It will be one of those which I pick up again and again in order to improve my effectiveness.”

— Daniel Hoster, Managing Director of Deutsche Bank AG

Learning From John Maxwell Brian Tome and Rick Campbell

Today, I had the unbelievable privilege to speak at the Stewardship Challenge hosted by Crossroads Church (Pastor Brian Tome).  I was the mule invited to the Kentucky Derby.  The line-up was:

  • Rick Campbell (Injoy Stewardship Solutions)
  • John Maxwell (EQUIP, Author, Leader's Leader, INJOY, 16,000,000 books sold (true statement))
  • Brian Tome (Pastor of Crossroads – unbelievable church, author, passionate leader, influencer)
  • Me.

So what did I do?  I took advantage of the opportunity to LEARN!  I LOVE LEARNING!  I scribbled notes so fast that the pen made a huge dent in the side of my finger (has that ever happened to you? – it is weird!).

Here are some outstanding nuggets I learned from John:

  • Am I willing to pay the price for my dream?
  • In the beginning, dreams are free.  That's why we love them so much!
  • The only way some people could get excited is if they could get away from themselves.
  • John confirmed his retirement plans: when he dies
  • When he stopped pursuing vision, the resources stopped.

Here are some outstanding nuggets I learned from Brian:

  • Vision is recession-proof!
  • Develop a culture.  Don't raise a budget.
  • Passionate about FREE.  Give away everything.  (Crossroads has their atrium open all day long with free wi-fi, fountain drinks, coffee, and other outstanding amenities)

Here are some oustanding nuggets I learned from Rick:

  • Be strong and courageous
  • Be strong and very courageous
  • I will share the rest in a later post – awesome devotional to start the day

A great day!

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