Leadership Tip: Making Hard Decisions

When you are called into a leadership role, you will inevitably face a very difficult situation that requires a hard decision.

And the moment will come when you realize you are the leader who must make that hard decision.

I’ve faced them as the leader of I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. and INJOY Stewardship Solutions.

I’ve had to make them as the leader of my family.

Here’s what I know to be true about this difficult decisions:

  • It is no fun at all
  • It exacts a pound of flesh from you
  • Some people won’t understand the decision
  • It never gets easier

I always run these decisions through the following filter:

  1. Glean all information I can via conversation and gathering data from everyone and everything involved
  2. Prayer
  3. Discussion with my bride
  4. Conversation with my leadership team

Here are some questions I ask:

  • What is the real situation?
  • What is the real decision that is needed?
  • What is best for my family?
  • What is best for the business?
  • What is best for all parties involved?

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If You CARE, You Will PREPARE!

If you CARE, you will PREPARE.

When you truly care about something, you will prepare for it.

  • If you care about having an incredible marriage, you will put effort into it. You will have purposeful time together. You will prepare moments free of the children so you can focus on each other.
  • If you care about maximizing your money, you will prepare a budget. Obtaining a great financial education will be a top priority for you. There would be people in your life you view as your “money coaches” – persons who are winning with their money and can help you too!
  • If you care about retirement, you will make saving and investing money a top priority.
  • If you want to help your company succeed, you will show up to meetings completely prepared with the appropriate data, facts, and figures. You will have given substantial thinking time to what you want to accomplish with the meeting.

By the way, this applies to moments as well as lifelong pursuits. If you have high expectations of an awesome date with your spouse (or someone you think would make a great spouse) – you will prepare for it. You will be looking and smelling good, have a restaurant picked out (with reservations, if necessary), and the concert tickets in hand. But if a person doesn’t care, he will show up (late, of course) not looking and smelling good and ask his date: “Where do you want to go to eat?”

If you CARE, you will PREPARE. Think on this throughout the next week and observe how the people in your life prepare for things. It will reveal how much they truly care.

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Leadership Tip: What You Do And Say Matters

What you DO matters most but what you SAY matters as well!

As a leader, what you do and say matters greatly. Ensuring that you actually do what you say is always challenging. If you are a parent, you know this to be exceptionally true. I was reminded of this recently as I was driving down a busy road in my home town with my young son in the backseat. I had recently heard him say the word “stupid” and administered appropriate chastisement: “Son, you shouldn’t say that word. It’s not nice.”

This road we were traveling on has what seems like one thousand traffic lights – accompanied by about as many crazy drivers. Sure enough, a person pulled out right in front of me and nearly caused an accident. “Stupid driver!” I exclaimed.

Any parent knows what happened next.
Son: “Dad!”
Me: “Yes, son?”
Son: “You shouldn’t say that word. It’s not nice.”
Me: “You’re right, son. I’m sorry.”

It is important to do what you say. If not, well, they call that hypocrisy.

Here’s the challenge:

  1. Spend the next day listening to what you are saying – record your conversations if you need to.
  2. Ask yourself the following questions:
    • Am I saying what matters most?
    • Am I communicating clearly to others?
    • Am I modeling “doing” what I’m “saying”?

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Your Level of EXPECTATION determines your level of PREPARATION

I’ve run across an amazing statement that has greatly impacted me over the past month. Here it is:

Your level of EXPECTATION determines your level of PREPARATION.

It is so true.

  • If you are excited about going on a date with your spouse, you will PREPARE for it. You will plan the location, activities, and food. You will clean up and dress up. You will be on time. Conversely, if you aren’t excited about it, you won’t spend any time preparing for it and will be content with the “Where do you want to go? I don’t know. Where do YOU want to go?” type of approach.
  • If you are pumped about starting a new business, you will PREPARE for it. You will have a detailed business plan that includes pro-forma income statements, executive summaries to present to potential investors, a SWOT Analysis, and be actively learning everything you need to know about the product or service you will offer, necessary suppliers, and your future customers. If you don’t expect to really start a business, you will be content with saying, “I really want to start a business one day.” And that “one day” will never happen.
  • If you expect to win with money, you will PREPARE for it. You will prepare and live by a written monthly budget. It will be your top priority to give, save, and invest money. You will be extremely cautious with debt. You will devour books, blogs, and seminars about investing, saving, and maximizing your overall portfolio. If you don’t really expect to win with money, you will be content with saying, “I just need to make more money to succeed.”

Hear me clearly on this: Your level of EXPECTATION determines your level of PREPARATION.


  1. Review your calendar and checkbook. Do they reveal activity that shows you are truly preparing to accomplish your expected goals?
  2. What is one change you can make today that will begin to make a difference in your life tomorrow?

Are You A Leader?

You are a leader.

Did you know that?

You might be the leader of a business, charity, church, school, club, or a family.

The titles vary. Here are a few:

  • Father
  • Mother
  • Parent
  • Husband
  • Wife
  • President
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • Pastor
  • Dean
  • Teacher
  • Owner
  • Board Member
  • Director

I’m convinced that if I were to look at each of the roles I serve in through a leadership lens, I would be more effective.

For example, it is common for me to share, “I’m the father of three children.” What if I said (and acted upon) the statement, “I’m leading three children.”?

It moves the statement from passive to active. You see, saying “I’m a father” only shares a historical fact. Stating “I’m leading” shares the need for ongoing attention and action!

It makes sense, doesn’t it? By saying, “I’m leading three children,” it indicates that I’m:

  • Actively involved
  • Required to set the example
  • Teaching them
  • Equipping them to become productive citizens!

Instead of saying, “I’m the CEO of I Was Broke. Now I’m Not., LLC,” it is much more weighty to say, “I’m the leader …”

Who and what are you leading?

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