Top 5 Ways To Gain Financial Margin

Top 5 Ways To Gain Financial Margin – Margin Defined

It is helpful to explain the word “Financial Margin” – as I speak of it anyway.

I define Financial Margin as:

  • Money that has been saved up and allows one to encounter financial obstacles or opportunities without derailing one’s entire finances and life.

I also define Financial Margin as:

  • Money that is intentionally set aside in each month’s budget to be placed into savings for emergencies, known upcoming non-monthly expenses, and to fund dreams.

Or more directly, Financial Margin can be defined as:

  • The ability to breathe and not panic when the car breaks down.

When you have SAVINGS set aside and are intentionally putting more to the side every month, it allows you live life on a mission without EVER being distracted by a negative financial event.

How would YOU define Financial Margin?

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Top 5 Ways To Gain Financial Margin

Lots of people are looking for financial margin these days.  They are SICK of living paycheck-to-paycheck.  They want to be able to have at least a little fun during the month.  There are expenses that have been put off way too long – things like home and car repairs.

I want to help you have that margin!  Life with margin allows you to live life on a mission.

Top 5 Ways To Gain Financial Margin

  1. Reduce interest rates on existing debt
  2. Eliminate debt
  3. Increase income – through pay increase, overtime, or 2nd job
  4. Sell possessions – especially those that have ongoing expenses
  5. Start a successful business

Over the next several blog posts, we will be discussing each of these items in more detail.

How much FINANCIAL MARGIN would you like to have 12 months from now?  Share it with us!

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