Celebrating 36 months of budgeting!!!

We started to get our finances under serious control in January 2003, but it was not until June 2003 that we started to really win financially. Would it surprise anyone that June is when Jenn and I started budgeting monthly?

I love budgeting. I am the free spirit. The spender. And I am telling you that I LOVE budgeting. Why do I love budgeting? Let me tell you the reasons …

  • Jenn and I actually TALK about our finances at least once each month! This means that we also talk about the birthdays of nephews and nieces, brothers and sisters, parents. We talk about upcoming events and plan out our schedule accordingly. We talk. Very cool.
  • Budgeting has made our marriage better. With the systematic reduction of our debt, we were able to secure breathing room in our finances. With the systematic building of our 6 month emergency fund, we have been able to really secure breathing room. This means we can greatly reduce the chance that we will have an issue with the number one cause of marital conflict – finances. What an investment!!!
  • Our budget gave us great hope. There is nothing like seeing a zero-based budget balance to zero! It means that all of the bills are going to be paid, on-time, and we will not be turning to debt to make up the difference! It gave us HOPE that we can retire some day instead of just getting tired.
  • Budgeting is going to be THE THING that enables Jenn and I to do exactly what we were created to do regardless of the cost. The act of budgeting every month, before the month begins, and spending every dollar on paper, on purpose has strengthened our self-control and self-discipline. We have learned how to “Just say NO!!!” in so many ways.
  • Budgeting has made us win financially. We are so much better off today than the days when we had two incomes. Why? Because we grew up and put together a plan – our budget!

Happy budgeting!!!

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