Choosing Mutual Funds – Part 5

Welcome to the latest series on – "Choosing Mutual Funds"

In this series, I will be sharing how I choose mutual funds.  It should be noted that I do not sell investment products nor am I professional in the mutual fund industry.  This is my own personal philosophy for choosing mutual funds.

Part One  What is a mutual fund?

Part Two  Establish investment goals

Part Three  Types of mutual funds

Part Four  Locate mutual funds that meet individual criteria

Part Five  Start Now!

What a great series this has been!  I love talking about investing because it is what allows us all to achieve dreams!  As you might guess, I am FIRED UP!!!

I end the series with Nike's slogan – Just Do It!

I carry this crusade to help others win with their money all over the place, and I still can't believe the number of people that have not begun to invest.  People in their 30s!  People in their 40s!  People in their 50s!  People in their 60s!

So no matter where you are, I have to tell you what Charles Schwab once said …

"The best place to start is where you are with what you have."

It is time to get started.  At least invest enough to get the company's match.  It's FREE money!!!

If you have non-house debt, I recommend that you follow my hero's (Dave Ramsey) 7 Baby Steps.  Click HERE to print your very own copy of his 7 Baby Steps.  Invest enough to catch the free company match and then kill your debt.  Then get a huge emergency fund of three to six months expenses and invest at least 15% of your gross income into tax-advantaged investments.  That is where the real fun begins – when you are able to fund your God-given hopes/plans/dreams!!!

My first book, "I Was Broke. Now I'm Not.", was released on January 20th.  It is available via PAYPAL or AMAZON or BORDERS.

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