Church Leaders: Atlanta Area Stewardship Conference – May 11

I am excited about the upcoming Stewardship Challenge Conference being hosted by Mountain Lake Church in Cumming, GA (Pastor Shaun Lovejoy) for the following reasons.

  • Dr. John Maxwell will be speaking – twice. There is a reason why people have purchased more than 18,000,000 books – this man is extremely gifted in communicating and equipping leaders.   Stewardship is one of his passions.
  • Pastor Shaun Lovejoy will be speaking. He planted Mountain Lake Church and also leads – an organization dedicated to equipping those who are considering launching or have already launched a church – and guess what?   One of the biggest challenges faced by young churches is financial need and stewardship.   I PROMISE YOU, you will learn a lot from Shaun.
  • I have the honor of talking about equipping people to win with their money. I know it may surprise you, but I am passionate about helping people get their money in order so that they can accomplish far more than they ever thought possible.   I relish every single opportunity that I have to share on this topic!
  • Q & A You will be provided an opportunity for Q&A with Dr. Maxwell, Pastor Lovejoy, and members of the Injoy Stewardship Solutions team.   There is nothing like being able to share your particular stewardship challenge and hear the thoughts of such incredibly gifted leaders as to how they might address it.

You can learn more and register HERE.

I believe that every single church leader would benefit greatly from the teaching during this conference.

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