Church Leaders – Free Sample Of Group Study Kit

The market is crazy.  Wall Street has suffered a massive lay-off.  401(k)'s have had huge paper losses.  People are nervous and downright scared.

This is the time where the church can be immediately relevant and provide practical solutions for folks to win with their finances.  This is what this crusade is all about!

If you are in a church leadership position, I would love to send you a FREE Group Study Kit.  The I Was Broke. Now I'm Not. Group Study was written to help people apply practical and proven tools to their finances within the bounds of a small group.  When teaching is conducted along with ACCOUNTABILITY, that is when true life change takes place! 

To request your free Group Study Kit, please click HERE and …

  • Select "Group Study Kit Request" as the subject.
  • Provide your contact information including Church Name, Church Address, and your Position.

Your free Group Study Kit will be sent right away!

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