CNNMoney Article – How To Make Your Money Last

If you are many years from retirement, the article linked below may not seem very relevant to you.  It is.  Retirement will arrive faster than you think (ask anyone with white hair), and it is important to think about this stuff now.

It is worth the five minutes to read and process this great article – HERE.

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  1. JenL on September 25, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    It was insane to try to process the message of that article. I guess believing so completely in stocks for all these years (even most of the last one) combined with the thought of GIVING hundreds of thousands of dollars (which I so don’t have–not even close) in exchange for a check each month (annuity–what?) left my brain a-hurtin’. What I’ve learned about money before now was what I learned by stumbling on your website, creating a budget and learning to say NO.

    But this article–is a whole other story…

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