Countdown to 200,000 miles – 8,319 to go! NASCAR Edition

I’ve started the countdown for my clunker (AKA The Green Hornet) to reach 200,000 miles traveled.   You can see a picture of this beautiful piece of work HERE.


In this series, I will be sharing some of my favorite features of The Green Hornet as well some favorite moments.

The “NASCAR Racing Stripe” Moment
We had just purchased our current home back in early 2007, and we were fixing up and updating some of the 30-year old features of our home.

I drove The Green Hornet through the fence gate that enters into the back yard to bring materials around to the back of the house.   It was early in the morning and the dew was still on the grass.   It was also slightly uphill into the back yard.   The truck needed a little “extra” help to get through the fence, so I stepped on the gas pedal.

The rear tires swung to the right, caught, and then jumped through the fence.   As I jumped out of the truck, the look on my wife’s face was frightening.   She was staring at me with an “I can’t believe I just watched that happen!” look.   With dread, I walked around the truck and viewed the newest feature of The Green Hornet – a NASCAR Racing Stripe.   It was just like I had hit the wall of Darlington at 180 mph.   A picture for your viewing pleasure is below.


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  1. Ramon Rivera on May 26, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    Keep it going! My dad’s Subaru is a 1995 and has 240,000 miles on it! Kelly Blue Book Value: $200. Not having a car payment for years on end: priceless!

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