Credit Card Rule Changes

The Federal Reserve Board has implemented some substantial rule changes that govern how credit card companies interact with cardholders.

I am PUMPED about some of the rules changes, but I am disappointed that most of these will not be implemented until July 2010.

Here are some rule changes that I am excited about:

  • Double cycle billing is eliminated.  This eliminates double-billing on interest (robbery).
  • Can’t raise rates unless payments are more than 30 days behind.  Provides some margin for error before default rates go into effect.
  • Payments will be applied to highest interest balances first.  YAY!

And here is my personal favorite – No more universal default rules!  This means that credit card companies can not raise your rate on a card that has been paid on time simply because you have paid late on another credit card!

You can read a complete article about the credit card lending rules at CNNMoney – HERE.

As a reminder, there is a way to prevent credit card companies from controlling your life – PAY THEM OFF!!!  If you are carrying a balance on your credit card and are paying interest, it can be very worthwhile to transfer the debt to 0% balance transfer credit cards so that ALL of your payment is applied to principal.  PAY THEM OFF, and apply the first rule of holes – stop digging!  No more debt.

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