Debt Freedom March – Couple #2 – Month 12


This couple is THROUGH with debt!  They announced that they were breaking up with debt in October 2007.  They have agreed to share their Debt Freedom March with everyone in the hopes of inspiring others to do the same!

Here is this month's update.

Since the last update in September, another $8,600 has bit the dust!
Overall, we really have control over our budget.  Still doing a GREAT job with the cash envelopes and we DO NOT live pay check to pay check at all!!  🙂  Actually, neither one of us know it is pay day until the deposit slip comes in the mail.  It is a wonderful feeling.

Here is their updated Debt Freedom Date calculation …


 Month By Month Progress …

Sangl Says

Couple #2 have torched over $33,000 in debt in less than two years!  They are ON IT!  They have backed off on the debt pay-off plan for a little while because they are replenishing their emergency fund and their new baby fund!  Exciting times for Couple #2!

Readers …
Couple #2 is on a roll.  You can do the exact same thing!  Pull up the Debt Freedom Date Calculator (Excel) and put together your own Debt Freedom Date!
If not now, when?
My wife and I became debt-free (except for the house) in just fourteen months, and I share exactly how we did it in I Was Broke. Now I'm Not.

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  1. TurtleLover on June 5, 2009 at 9:06 am

    It is GREAT to see you here again !! And what progress !! Ok so less per month is going toward the debt right now but you’ve come such a long way! I am curious how your habits have changed. I think it’s neat that you don’t live paycheck to paycheck! PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH !!!

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