Dial-up Internet

I am visiting my parents this week.  They live out in the country.  Way out in the country.

They have dial-up internet.  You know what I am talking about?  The uuurrrrrrrrrr-shhhhhh-ruurrur-eeenk-eenk-shshhss-ccrrrshsskssskkk modem sound and everything.

It is slower than Moses getting out of the desert.

I KNOW that it is cheaper than high-speed, but it is basically worthless for doing anything on the internet.

For those of you who are using dial-up, please share how you are still able to effectively utilize this so-1990s (Smile) service.

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  1. Caryn on April 8, 2009 at 5:21 am

    LOL!!! Patience, lots and lots of patience. It is very frustrating, especially when it comes to loading pics to sell stuff on ebay, craigslist or etsy. When my out-of-state sister sends me pics of my cute nieces and nephew, it takes about 10-15 minutes to download EACH ONE 🙁 I most often get things started then go do something else and come back later when the downloads are done! We do go to the library a good bit to enjoy high speed.

    I pay $5.50 a month for dial-up. We’re in the boonies somewhat and don’t have cable or dish or any of that stuff either. If I could find high speed for under $15 a month I would do it in a second. However, we’ll be 100% debt-free at the end of this year and I already told my husband that the first thing I’m getting is high speed internet 🙂

  2. Charlene Tisdale on April 8, 2009 at 5:23 am

    I still have dial up…nothing has changed with it since the 90’s. All I can say is that I’ll pray for you. I long for high-speed but I too live out in the country. I’m just not willing to pay $100 bucks a month for high-speed satellite service, Joe Sangl would not approve!

  3. Lisa Whitener on April 8, 2009 at 6:28 am

    One word, Joe–multi-task! I’m on dial up at home so I log in and get the site I’m looking for loading and then I load the dish washer, put in entries into my Quicken program, or start folding the laundry, then go back to see if the page is loaded, do what I want with it or choose another site and return to my previous task while that one loads. Now, since you are visiting there’s probably not many tasks to be done so I can’t really help you there. I save the big stuff to do at work during lunch. But…..I’m saving money! ‘~’

  4. Immigrant Money on April 12, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    The way to survive Dial-up is to configure your browser to not download pictures automatically.
    Furthermore – use Browser upgrades like IE7pro (www.ie7pro.com) which is freeware and upgrades IE with AD blocker (on top of the pop-up blocker) and Flash Blocker plugins.
    Effectively your browser has to work far less when all the annoying ADs are NOT loaded by default, when you visit a website.

    If more granular control over downloading pictures is needed – alternative browser like Maxthon (Classic) as from http://www.maxthon.com can be used.
    In short it is a wrapper for IE, with tabbed browsing, Ad blocking, etc. as well. The good about this specific Internet browser it that you can select to load all pictures JUST for the tab you are currently on. so if you like something on one of the browser tabs, that contains for example an ebay item page – you can select Options – Download Control – Load Images – and only the current webpage will reload and will download all the images.

    I utilize Dial-up Internet to perform remote maintenance on the servers at work (that I’m responsible for…) on some weekends. As all remote access in this case is via Terminal Services – the “download” footprint is very small and Dial-up is OK for this kind of remote access.

    In general Dial-up is still OK for email (choose Basic Settigns where possible), remote control via Terminal Services / Citrix) and blog reading / purchases off ebay and such.
    For any websites that require Flash extensively – HighSpeed is the only way to go in the long run.
    Download Trial Games and SW? You might as well forget about it. Even Windows Security Updates and AntiVirus SW Updates can be a challenge.

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