Do NOT give up HOPE!

I have seen financial situations that have left me reeling. I have left counseling sessions feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. What unbelievable messes we humans create for ourselves!

For some reason, many of us have been convinced that because the banks will loan us money, we must be in good financial condition. Because we can get a credit card, we matter. Do not believe this lie!

I have seen over $100,000 on credit cards. I have seen houses financed to over 125% of the highest potential selling price. I have seen budgets that include $300 in bounced check fees. I have seen budgets where the expenses are twice the income. I have seen debt loads that are seemingly insurmountable. I have seen families spend more money feeding goats than feeding themselves while driving themselves into utter poverty. I have seen families lose all of their possessions to repossessors and foreclosure – ALL of their possessions.

Still, I do not give up hope!!! I believe that most of these situations are recoverable! If the family could just say “NO!” to themselves! If the family could see the damage being wrought on their relationships by living in such financial conditions, they would RUN 180 degrees away from the direction they have been headed in.

I choose HOPE for these families that I meet with. I believe that Dave Ramsey is exactly correct when he says that finances are 80% emotional and 20% head knowledge.

Do NOT give up HOPE.

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