Do you want your children to manage money the way you do?

Are you satisfied with the way you have managed your personal finances?

If the management of your personal finances was placed on trial before a jury of Your Parents, Jesus, and Your Spouse, would you be found “Guilty – of wanton mismanagement” or would you be found “Outstanding – teach your children and others about how you have done this”?

Now, if someone seven years ago would have asked me the question “Would you want your children to manage money the way you do?”, I would not have known how to respond. The reason? I did not have children at the time.

Now that I am a father, it MATTERS A LOT to me! I mean, look at the other alternatives for her to learn money management from!

  • Congress? Give me a break!!!
  • The President? Give me a break!!!
  • Credit card companies? Wow!
  • Banks? Here’s a clue – Banks are FOR-PROFIT organizations!
  • Schools? They don’t even teach how to balance a checkbook anymore!

I do not know about you, but I want to be a GREAT EXAMPLE for my daughter to follow. In every way! Not just in personal finances, but in every way! I am passionate about this!

It was EMBARRASSING when I truly took the time to look at our financial situation in 2002 and analyze how I was really managing our money.

I was not:

  • working with Jenn to develop a budget TOGETHER
  • asking for her advice on many of the purchases I made
  • stopping the spending when the money ran out
  • telling myself “NO!” to my childish “I want this!” wants

Today, I am willing to sit on trial before a jury of My Parents, Jesus, and My Spouse because THIS MATTERS TO ME!

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