Enthusiasm changes everything!

I love being around enthusiastic people!

You know people like this. They are so excited about everything in life. They want to solve world hunger in the morning and then boil the ocean in the afternoon.

OK. They may be a little unrealistic (or a lot), but I love it! I love being around them! They pump me up! The energy is contagious. It spreads. The positive, can-do attitude is awesome!

When I work around enthusiastic people who believe deeply in the cause they are fighting for, it challenges me to step up my game. It reinforces the passion I have for my life: “To help others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible!”

I am enthusiastic when I say, “I believe in your ability to manage your money and prevent your money from managing you!”.

I am enthusiastic when I say, “If you can do first grade math, you can manage your money well!”

I am enthusiastic when I say, “You CAN be debt-free!”

I am enthusiastic when I say, “I believe in you!”

I am enthusiastic when I say, “You really can reach a day where you do not have to worry about how to pay the next house payment and car payment!”

I believe in you! I want you to win!

I KNOW that there will be some pain as you force your money to behave, but the pain will be short-term if you attack it enthusiastically!

Here is a thought: If you attack your debt today and put together a plan to become debt-free, what day will you become totally free of debt?

So what if it takes as long as 10 years (usually it takes 1.5 to 3 years to become debt-free except for the house)? How old will you be then? 43? 37? 62? You will still have a LOT of life left to live, and it will all be free of the stress created by the way you currently manage your finances!


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