ESPN Withdrawal

As part of my effort to eliminate my home mortgage, I have been reducing my monthly expenses.

One of the items I reduced was my cable/internet bill.  I saved a TON of money – $94 PER MONTH!!!

BUT, with the reduction of my expenses, my beloved ESPN channel has now turned into a bunch of static!

Who knew that when you reduced your spending on cable that they would actually reduce the amount of channels you receive!

I am going through complete withdrawal.  I also had to turn in my digital receiver box and remote control.  That beautiful remote control worked so nicely.  My old crappy remote control has been recalled to full-time duty.

Nonetheless, in two years and eleven months Jenn and I will be hosting a mortgage burning party at our house!


It's the biggest match-up this season in the Sangl household!

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  1. Rindy on December 15, 2007 at 9:53 am

    I love driving my Dodge Durango–it’s been the best vehicle I have owned. At the time I needed the size, the towing, the seats, etc. and I’ve gotten really used to it.

    This week I’m getting the best deal ever–2002 Suburu with 22000 miles, owned by my friend’s elderly mother…for dirt cheap. It will save me money (I should actually make money on this change!), gives me what I need at this stage, etc….but I am sure going to miss my Durango. Yup…I can relate…

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