Fantastic Opportunity – Really An Opportunity?

There is a phenomenon that seems to happen during every person’s financial journey. It’s called the “fantastic opportunity.”

Here’s how it usually rolls out:

  1. Make a major financial commitment  You commit to eliminate debt by saying, “It is time to pay off all of my non-house debts.”
  2. Progress is made  You manage to eliminate one or two debts.
  3. Fantastic Opportunity appears  You can purchase an awesome piece of furniture for 75-percent off (it will, of course, need to be financed).
  4. Pivotal Decision Required  Will you pursue the “Fantastic Opportunity” or stick to your major financial commitment?

By the way, this is a cycle. Along the journey to any financial goal, you will be required to navigate this decision process multiple times. Knowing this fact as you make your financial commitment will help prepare you to resist each “Fantastic Opportunity.”

This phenomenon is also known as the “Look! A squirrel!” or “Greener pastures” phenomenon. Resist. Don’t chase it. Stay the course. You’ll make much swifter progress toward a fully funded life.

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