Financial Counseling – Expressions/Exclamations

As I help people come up with their INCOME – OUTGO = EXACTLY ZERO budget (EZ Budget), I love watching the expressions and hearing the exclamations of those I am helping!

Here are some common expressions/exclamations:

  • Utter SHOCK at how much they have been spending (especially on impulse items like "groceries", "food", and "cash withdrawals for who-knows-what"
  • AMAZEMENT that it really is as simple as INCOME – OUTGO = EXACTLY ZERO
  • Expressions of pain when INCOME – OUTGO equals something far less than zero.  This typically means that they are going to have to pay a bill late.  They say things like, "I can't pay that bill late!!! or "I don't want to do that!"   Even though they have been paying them late for the past year!
  • JOY!  Oh man!  I LOVE it when I see this!  It is deep-rooted.  It cannot be faked.  It is true JOY because they KNOW that they can do this!  They can win with their finances!
  • HOPE.  HOPE is what sets the human soul on fire!  It allows one to do things we would not ordinarily do in order to reach a goal.  When I see HOPE returning, I know that my crusade is paying off.
  • The "I'm COMPLETELY stunned" look.  Sometimes I get to typing too fast on the keyboard, and it can tend to baffle the one I am working with.  No comments on this, please!  Smile  Look.  I play the piano, and I just type and work on the computer really fast.  Sorry that it causes the screen to spin and cause epileptic seizures!

For those brave souls who have entered my office for help in taking your finances to the next level, I thank you!  Thank you for allowing me to live out my dream – helping you accomplish far more than what you ever thought possible with your personal finances!

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