Financial Counselor Training – Will You Be There?

I am PUMPED to be carrying the crusade throughout the nation in 2009!  One of my highest priorities is training and equipping financial counselors where ever I go.  Why?  Because it allows this crusade to reach even more people!

If I can train just one passionate financial counselor, this crusade has the potential to grow exponentially!  This can NOT be the "Joe-Show".  In fact, a passionate financial counselor has the ability to provide FREE one-on-one counseling to one hundred or more people each year.  That FIRES ME UP! 

With that said, I am EXCITED FIRED UP to offer financial counselor training at the following three locations within the next month.  We would love to see you there!

The Financial Counseling Experience includes:

  • Learn the process used to establish appointments
  • Learn the process used to ensure that counselees show up prepared and ready for a life-changing meeting
  • Learn the process used during the appointment to ensure a consistent counseling experience
  • Apply real-life examples in hands-on activities – there is nothing like practical application
  • Review real-life scenarios in a "what would you do?" shared discussion
  • Be a part of a network of people who are all starting their own financial counseling ministry
  • Be challenged to take the next step and begin a financial counseling ministry at your church!

With the slumping economy, this is THE TIME that The Church should stand up and provide solutions.  WE HAVE THE ANSWER!!! 

Providing FREE one-on-one financial counseling is an incredible way to impact one's community!  Those who attend the FCE will leave inspired, motivated, and equipped to go back to their community and impact it one life at a time.

Click on the event you are interested in to register!

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