Financial Learning Experience – Thoughts

The Financial Learning Experience at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC last night was AWESOME!!!

I am PUMPED UP by the fact that 272 people attended and had the opportunity to learn the actual tools that Jenn and I used to win with our finances!

Here are my thoughts about last night:

  • 272 adults attended FOR FREE
  • 77 children were cared for FOR FREE
  • NewSpring volunteers are awesome!
  • Lives were changed last night – no doubt about it
  • Everyone who was there CAN achieve freedom from debt and win with their money
  • The stage set-up was awesome – stripped down and simple – this is something we can definitely take on the road with us!
  • The NewSpring staff works well together to pull off great events
  • On-line signups work great
  • I made it – even after having triple hernia repair surgery 7 days prior!  When you are on a crusade, you sometimes have to play hurt!
  • I love getting to do what I was made to do!
  • I-O=EZ – Never forget it!


  1. jane on June 27, 2007 at 8:16 am

    Joe… a triple! Dang!

    272 folks!!! Praise God! Let me know when your next presentation is… I will put a plug on my blog again… even the out of Anderson speakings… Blog readers are ALL over the place!

    We have the best folks at NS! Both paid and volunteer!

  2. Blythe Adams on June 28, 2007 at 5:45 pm


    Thank you. I love listening to you talk. I am a fan. I seriously would love to try your plan out. My budget look good on paper but I am still two months behind on bills so I am opting to start in August.

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