Flushing Money Down The Toilet


Ever spent money and felt like you might as well be flushing it down the toilet?

I’ve had those experiences.   We all have.

Situations like the following come to mind:

  • Moneypit House Repairs
  • Fixing a boat
  • Health club membership and haven’t been to health club in years
  • Giving money to a friend/family member who refuses to change their poor financial behaviors

Maybe you are doing this right now – and you don’t even realize just how big it is costing you!

  • Paying interest on your home mortgage – adds up to THOUSANDS per year!
  • Paying interest on a credit card balance or furniture purchase – can add up to THOUSANDS per year!
  • Purchasing a brand new car/boat/truck/ATV/etc – and HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of dollars are lost the moment it is taken off the lot!
  • Paying for a storage unit for stuff you don’t even use!

These “hidden costs” can add up to a TON of money that can be used in so many more ways than just “flushing it down the toilet”.

What is ONE THING you could do today to make a huge difference tomorrow?

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