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Funny, but not funny cartoon from CartoonStock.com – The TRUTH about pay raises at many corporations.

"That $20 paycheck deduction is for new benefits – like the $10 raise you just got."

ARGH.  You can't put enough spin on that statement to make it look pretty!

Has anyone experienced a similar situation where you received a "raise" and then an increase in benefit costs that completely vaporized the raise and then some? 

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  1. Andrew on May 19, 2008 at 4:18 am

    My school is giving everyone a $6000 raise for next year but cutting a great portion of the cost for family medical insurance. For me that would have meant paying almost $6500 for insurance. Some people had suggested to me to pay for my wife only and filed for uninsured child status through my state. Fortunately I have taken another position where I won’t have to take a cut for this raise.

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