Over the past week I have met with two people who have once again reminded how important it is to have life insurance.

In situation one, a person's spouse passed away at a very young age.  It was a total shock.  However, this couple had a financial plan that they had worked on together.  They also had life insurance.  As a result, the surviving spouse and the two children are taken care of.  They can focus on grieving instead of having to worry about working to pay bills.

In situation two, a person's father passed away at a very young age.  It was a total shock.  There was no life insurance.  As a result, the family struggled financially.  It created a tremendous strain on the family.

Folks, it simply does not have to be this way!!!  Term life insurance is SO CHEAP!  You can go HERE to get a quote.  You don't have to enter your name and address as it requests for you to be able to see quotes for you.  For a 30 year old, $500,000 of 20-year level term insurance coverage is less than $300/year!  If you have a family that relies on you to provide income or care for the family, you simply can not afford NOT to get this insurance!

Do it TODAY!!! 

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  1. Carmen Morales on August 22, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    would like to have a quote on different type of insurances

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