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What is a day worth?

Today is one day later than yesterday. Brilliant!!! Because you did not invest $2000 yesterday, you have lost the $1,490,869,419.46 in a single day’s interest that you would have earned on July 7, 2185!!! That is ONE BILLION DOLLARS!!! Is Austin Power’s around here?

Don’t believe me? Try it out. Assuming an annual interest rate of 12% with a single investment of $2000, here is how much you have lost in interest because you did not invest it yesterday.

Interest Lost (This is DAILY interest that was lost!!!)
1 year later: $ 0.77
5 years later: $ 1.20
20 years later: $ 7.26
50 years later: $ 266.14
75 years later: $ 5,355.27
100 years later: $ 107,687.33
125 years later: $ 2,166,159.76
150 years later: $ 43,572,888.80

Are you going to invest tomorrow? Think about how much you lost by not investing today!!!

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