“Gotta-Have-A-House” Fever

Ever had "gotta-have-a-house" fever?

This is a condition that affects many people.  It causes them to say, "I've got to get a house.  I am throwing money away by renting.  We've got to get a house."

When you get this condition, you are VERY LIKELY to pay full retail price and make a decision you will later regret.

Anyone can catch "gotta-have-a-house" fever, but for some reason it really infects those who can't afford a house!  I'm talking about folks with debt up to the eyeballs, $4.13 in the bank, and behind on half of the bills.

Here are some ways to avoid catching "gotta-have-a-house" fever.

  • Wait overnight before making a purchase decision
  • Seek wisdom from someone who really knows about real estate
  • Pray
  • Save up 20% for a down payment – when you are really spending YOUR money, it changes the way you think about a purchase!
  • Buy a house that makes you work on it day and night for five years because it was a ramshackle, low-down, termite-ridden, leaking, rodent-infested, soggy, sloppy, messy, butt-ugly trash hole.  This will certainly help make you immune to that type of purchase in the future.

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  1. Mark Asbell on August 3, 2007 at 9:11 am

    I haven’t heard “butt-ugly” in a long time. I’m laughing out loud. Good writing Joe…

  2. Jill Garrison on August 3, 2007 at 6:48 pm

    I have this condition often. I pray about it and am working my way out debt. I know to many people that have houses they cannot afford. God has made me content just where I am which is renting.

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