Great memories

I was listening to my I-POD today and an old song (one of 1,000s on it) popped up that I have not listened to in a long time.

In an instant, I was transported back to the alma-mater, Purdue University.  I was an incoming freshman, and I was being trained as a cafeteria worker in the tunnels of the residence hall.

What a great time it was!  I met people from around the world!  My roommate, Bob, was from Pittsburgh, PA.  He lived on a small street in town and imagine my surprise when 14 years later my twin brother moved into a house right down from Bob's parents!  I met Noah.  I met Chan Yop and You Hyun from South Korea.

I have GREAT memories from my four-year vacation from reality, I mean COLLEGE.

I remember that a $20 bill made me feel RICH!  I remember that pretty much everyone else was in the same boat as well.  We rambled from room to room in the residence halls.  One room would have the TV with surround sound set up, another would have the Playstation, another would have the musical instruments, another would have the couches and sitting areas.

It was great, and money was not necessary to have fun!

Money is still not necessary to have fun!  Consider these ideas for generating great memories with little or no money:

  • Camping trips to state parks
  • Canoe trips down a local river
  • Fishing trips to the local lake or river
  • Flag football game with the neighbors
  • Fly a $2 kite
  • Use some junk lumber to build a cat fort
  • Set up a treasure hunt with the neighbors or your family – making the map and hiding the treasures is a blast, but not near as fun as watching the kids work together to "discover" treasure
  • Camp out in the back yard
  • Have a backyard party – invite a bunch of people you hardly know

There are really a lot of great ways to have a blast without spending money.  As you can see, mine are slanted toward the great outdoors.  Time to go make some more memories!

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