A Great Question To Ask

I had the opportunity to meet with Chris Kakaras this week.  He is a young man who is passionate about helping people manage their money God's way.  One of the key groups that he speaks to are college students, and I had the opportunity to review some of his materials when we met.

There was a section of questions in his training that really caught my eye.  It was good.  Very good.

Here is one of the questions (participants in the class are required to answer these questions).

Did you eat today?  YES    NO

If YES is the answer, then you are blessed and have enough.

So basic, but SO TRUE!

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  1. Jon Abercrombie on August 3, 2008 at 11:28 am

    Never really looked at it that way. Many of us are quick to throw our own pity party because we don’t have as much as other people do, when we should be thankful that God has blessed us with as much as He has. Even something as simple as eating a meal should be enough to humble us before God…there are people and families out there that answer that question with a NO.

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