Great “Teach Your Kids About Money” Reminders

Jessica sent in the following article link from that I think is an important reminder on how parents can help educate their children about sound money management.

The article is HERE.

There are five points.  I graded myself as I went through them.

1.  Set a good example.  [ GRADE: A- ]  I am still a spender at heart.

2.  Start saving – at any age.  [ GRADE: B+]  My daughter inherited my "spender" genes.  She always saves some of her money, but I have let her continue to buy those stupid Webkinz!!!  How many of those things does a kid need anyway?!!!!

3.  Budget sense.  [ GRADE: A+ ]  Our daughter knows about budgets.  She knows how they work.

4.  Go shopping together.  [ GRADE: A ]  On recent shopping trips, I have really seen our daughter pull back from making a frivolous purchase that she would have made in the past.

5.  Make it a long-term conversation.  [ GRADE: A+ ]  Anyone who knows me, KNOWS that I can make a conversation about money be a LONG-TERM conversation.

Grade yourself below, and let's start the conversation!

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