Guest Post: Why I Love IHHE Moments!

Note from Joe: I have had the privilege of training Travis to be a financial coach, and he is FIRED UP about helping people win with their money.   He is one of the most frequent commenters here on, so I asked him to share some of his story here on the wildly popular website.

Guest Post: Why I LOVE IHHE Moments (I Have Had Enough Moments)

Recently Joe asked me if I would like to write a guest post, I couldn’t wait for the chance.   In fact, I think my exact response was that I felt like a high school girl getting asked to a homecoming dance!

So that got me to thinking about what my favorite type of post.   I came to conclusion that my favorite is a good ole IHHE post.   Yes, that’s right, the I HAVE HAD ENOUGH post.   This seems weird because I am a very positive person.   So, what is the lure of the IHHE?     It is because it is at the IHHE Moment that things like priorities and resolve snap into crystal clear focus.     You might even say that it is when the “pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change”.   That moment, my friend, is when real life change will happen.

I have had two IHHE moments in my life.   The first was six years ago.   It came shortly after our washing machine had recently died, and we had put it and our furniture on buy now pay later terms and I was looking up information on taking out a home equity line of credit.   The home equity was for something that we just needed …   A vacation!   (from the stress of all our debts).   That is when Google pulled up Dave Ramsey.   (Before I knew about the wildly popular   That’s when it hit me, we make TOO much Money to be this broke!

My second IHHE moment came late in October 2010.   I was in a meeting when I started having chest pains and tightness in my arm.   It was enough that I left the meeting and went straight to emergency room.   You see, I have always been a big guy but over time my weight had just continued to climb unchecked. When you are 37 years old with a wife and two little girls that love you …   and your spending two days on the cardiac floor and the next youngest person is 80-something.   That’s time for a good old IHHE!

So where does that all leave me today?   I am proud to say that on the matters of money, we worked through over $30,000 of debt in 15 months of very hardcore scrimping and working.   That is now about four and a half years in the past and now we get to watch as our mortgage drops and our retirement saving increase.

I’m proud to say that matters of the second …   After much testing, my heart was given the all clear.   Ends up that it was stressed related.   That doesn’t matter because it was enough to have an IHHE moment.   As of this moment I have dropped 60 lb and registered for my first 5k walk/run next month with another planned in April.   I’m now gearing up for an oganized race!??   It blows my mind too!

To sum it all up…. I love a good IHHE moment because it leads to life change!

Have you ever had an IHHE moment where suddenly you realize that the pain of staying the same was worse that the pain of change?

Get FIRED UP!   Way to go Travis – can’t wait to hear about the result of the 5K and to hear you shout, “I’m DEBT-FREE – including the mortgage!”

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  1. Nancy on February 2, 2011 at 7:45 am

    I had an IHHE moment this holiday season. I found that 90% of my money issues were caused by funding supposedly adult children’s lives. I pay for a cell phone for 2 of them, car insurance for another and totally supported one’s family (of 3 including spouse). So I declared 2011 as my Independence Year. The one I support is now out of my house. The cell phone ones will be paying their own bills and the car insurance one will be having his car signed over to him and taking over his own insurance.

    So far my food costs have dropped, and my cell and insurance will be dropping soon. Already my stress level has dropped. Finally, maybe I can make some progress on those debts!!

  2. Mark on February 2, 2011 at 8:14 am

    October 2006 – almost lost my house, had over $85,000 non-house debt and was behind on ALL bills. That was IHHE.

    Currently – we were able to save the house situation and recently refinanced at a better rate, and we’re almost finished paying off the $85,000 of non-house debt.

    Give the Lord a shout!

    Thanks for sharing your story Travis – very encouraging for everyone focused on the journey.

  3. Travis on February 2, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    Those are both great IHHE stories!

    @Nancy – Those had to be tough conversations to have. (and ones the a lot of other readers prob need to have with their family.) but … I’m guessing that your children will end up stronger for it than if you had continued to support them. – or maybe they aren’t speaking to you for a while. LoL

    @Mark – $85k. Dude that is freaking awesome! You don’t throw up those kind of number without a huge IHHE and getting the WHOLE family being fired up. Sad part is that some people will read all these stories and still not believe that they too can have the same types of outcome.

    It comes down in each situation…. The pain of staying the same was worse than the pain of change, and that’s when life change began. That’s why I love the IHHE!

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