Happy Birthday To My Bride


It is my bride’s birthday.  That means I want to take this day to celebrate my bride’s birth!  I am so glad that the Lord saw fit to give her life!  She is a wonderful bride, wife, and mother.

Here are  10 Reasons I love my bride:

  1. She loves Jesus
  2. She loves me
  3. She is beautiful!
  4. She has carried two beautiful children into this world – a daughter and a son
  5. She is a neat-freak and our house is ALWAYS a welcoming environment because of her
  6. She is THE REASON I even get to do what I get to do – she is responsible for the entire crusade’s starting and its ability to continue impacting people across the world
  7. She is a saver with money and a risk-taker with life!
  8. She is a graduate of Purdue University (best school ever)
  9. She is my closest friend and confidant and provides the best counsel I have ever heard
  10. She is a leader – I believe that she could lead a ministry that has 1,000-times the impact that IWBNIN has had!

Those are just 10 reasons.  I could list at least 1,000 more.

I love you, my beautiful bride.  Happy Birthday!

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