How do I sustain my budget?

Behind the question "How do I put together a budget that actually works?", the most popular question is, "How do I actually keep doing this every single day?"

"How do I actually keep doing this every single day?"

Great question!

Dave Ramsey has said it this way => "When the pain of same is greater than the pain of change."

I believe that the number one thing that will keep you "doing this" for the long-haul is a written plan for your life that uses your God-given passions, skills, and abilities.  If you are motivated, then you will be WAY less likely to blow up your budget in a horrible fit of "I-want-this-now-itis"!  Your life plan will motivate you!

Part of my life's plan was to be able to go do this personal finance thing full-time.  Now, Jenn and I knew that this would require substantial modifications to our lifestyle and budget.  Guess what?  We did it!  We changed our financial behavior FOUR YEARS before we finally embarked on this dream of working with people and their finances full-time.  This dream motivated us.  It helped guide most of our decisions.  It kept us in the game and focused on the prize at the end..

Now, we are living the dream.  It is awesome!  We are PUMPED up to be here!

So guess what?  It is time to write out the next phase of our life plan.  We will ensure that it uses our God-given passions, skills, and abilities.  We will ensure that the things we are doing NOW will be preparing us for those things we embark on THEN.

Have a plan for your life, and let your dreams put wind in your sails to keep up with this budget month-after-month-after-month.

You can do this!

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