How far we’ve come!

I remember the days of frivolous spending. I remember it like it was yesterday. We were spending money that we did not have. We were generally unable to tell ourselves “NO!” to anything that we wanted. It was OK, we told ourselves. We had good jobs. We were college educated. We deserved it. I mean, we lived through our four year (5) vacation … uhhh, I mean college, where a twenty dollar bill made you RICH!

Well, with that thinking we managed to live from paycheck to paycheck for six years. We even had the joy of running up our credit card bills three separate times! WOW! The joy of spending our entire tax refund on paying off credit card bills for items we … well, we could not remember what we had bought with those credit card charges.

Flash forward to today. We have been debt-free except for our house since February 2004, but I have recently had a flashback that had all-too-real feelings associated with it.

Let me explain …

We live in a sandy soil area. If you do not water your grass thoroughly at least once every two days, your grass will wither away, and you will be left with a nice dirt patch. We have heard that dirt patches reduce your home’s value, and it certainly reduces your home’s appearance. It reduces your home’s appearance even further when Mr. Lawn Boy himself lives next door with THE PERFECT MANICURED LAWN. He literally mows the grass every 15 minutes. It is ridiculous how wonderful his lawn looks.

I explained to Jenny that having a dirt patch is a very good thing because we make Mr. Lawn Boy’s yard look that much better. Crickets …

Bottom Line: We decided to install an irrigation system for our lawn this year. We had not saved money specifically for the irrigation system, but we could tap into our new used car fund to pay for it. We reasoned that we could repay the new used car fund over the next few months.

So we did it. We installed the irrigation system. With money we borrowed from our own new used car fund. We BORROWED money FROM OURSELVES! I thought that this would feel OK. I was wrong! It is bad enough to be in debt to someone else. TRY BEING IN DEBT TO YOUR “NEW USED CAR FUND”!

We truly felt like we were in debt. We have recently repaid our “New Used Car Fund” back. WOW! I am glad I am not in debt to ourselves anymore. The feelings were scary!

I got to thinking about this … How far we have come! When we actually feel “in debt” to our “new used car fund”. In old days, we would have taken the money out of a savings fund, but would never repay. Now, it was repaid right on time.

It was a good decision for us to get the irrigation system, but I realized yet again just how bad it feels to be in debt.

How far we’ve come. How far we’ve come.

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