How is your budget going?

I have shared before that it is EZ to win with your money.

Today, I would love to get the conversation going about YOUR budget.

Answer these two questions:

1.  What is working well?

2.  What is causing you problems?

Haven't started a budget yet?  You can take your finances to the next level by doing so!  It's EZ!  Just click on "TOOLS" at the top of the page to obtain your free easy-to-use EZ budget tools!

I am PUMPED UP to be in Dayton, Ohio this coming SATURDAY to teach the Financial Learning Experience!!!  If you are anywhere near the Dayton area, I would love to meet you there!  You can sign up for the event HERE.

Looking for additional Personal Finance Resources?  You can obtain free tools by clicking HERE and purchase books/materials by clicking HERE.

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  1. Robin on August 23, 2007 at 5:35 am

    Thanks for the interest. We just started a budget. I crunched the numbers recently, and my wife and I are in the black 750.00 every month. But we are living paycheck to paycheck. We dont have toys,One credit card, no loans, one car payment (on 22 percent interest, I know) and a mortgage. But cant make our tithe. I know we’re missing out on blessings there, but we havent nailed it down yet. We would like savings so when something goes wrong, we dont have to get a loan. Any suggestions?

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