How Is Your Family?

A member of the IWBNIN team sent me the below link to an article over at

First, read the article HERE then read my thoughts below.

My thoughts

  • Work is INFINITE – it never stops or ceases. You can always find something else to do.   Family must be priority regardless the stage of life.
  • This is a constant struggle – especially for leaders and small business owners. When you are passionate about your work, it can be easy to lose track of time and family.   It requires constant attention to balance time at work, time at play, and time with family.

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  1. Travis on July 6, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    That makes my heart hurt for Mr. Walton… but what happened isn’t going to be un-done.

    I know that there are people that are real work-a-holics but the vast majority use something like this to justify not doing anything.

    I think that being out of balance for some short periods of your life is fine if it means that it is taking you toward shared goals/dreams for your family. You just can’t stay unbalanced for extended periods or it is neglectful. My spouce is a great at helping to keep steady. She sees our same life through a separate prespective that gives much clarity… and I trust her.

    I think that there are ways to make your kids feel loved even during the times that you are unbalanced.

    Here are just a few the my kids love.
    (I have two girls…7 and 5)

    I do their hair… or paint nails…
    I let them do my hair with gel..
    I dance them to bed.. (one at a time I waltz them all through the house)
    I sit with them in their bunk and play I spy…
    I color with crayons with them…
    I just look at old photos with them…
    I let them help cook…
    I take them grocery shopping with me..

    The 7 year old is the list master and the 5 year old gets to inspect every package for dents or smashed boxes before going into the cart. The both have a job to do and we get to interact together doing it
    Sure this adds 20 extra minutes but hey…
    It’s about the quality of time!

    This is just a few things that My girls love. I also know that all of these are all ways of spending quality time with my girls

    How do I know that??

    Because, at times I have sent enough “quantity” of time that I can tell by the sound of their laughter and the way that they look at me.

    It’s the balance of the unbalanced.

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