How old are you and what do you do?

I was asked the following questions yesterday after teaching a budgeting class:

“How old are you?” and “What do you do for a living?”

From the tone, it was more like – “What qualifies you to teach me about finances?”

I have a question – does age and my full-time career matter? Possibly. However, I believe that what matters most is the answer to this question – “How are you doing financially by using these financial principles?”

If you want to lose a bunch of weight – are you going to seek advice from someone who is really heavy? NO! You are going to speak to someone who has lost a bunch of weight and kept it off.

When I was preparing for my marathon, do you think I sought out persons who were outstanding weight-lifters? NO! I sought out persons who had completed marathons and finished well.

When I sought out financial advice, it was from someone who practices what he teaches – Dave Ramsey. Dave has a set of financial principles that he abides by every single day that simply resonate with Jenn and I. As Dave has stated repeatedly, he did not invent any of these financial principles – they are what God and Grandma say about money. Hard principles like – “save money for a rainy day” and “spend less than you make” and “learn how to tell yourself NO!!”

I also speak to acquaintances and friends who are also doing well financially – not because they earn incredible amounts of money, but because they manage what they do earn very well.

The answers to the questions: I’m 32, I work in manufacturing, and “I Was Broke. Now, I’m Not!”

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