How Things Change!

My bride and I had one of those evenings the other night where we started talking about some really important things.   We had not planned on having such a detailed conversation, but before we knew it we had talked until 1:30AM in the morning.   It was great conversation, but we both got so pumped up about what we were talking about (it was about some of our life dreams) that we were wired and could not go to sleep.

So we went downstairs to watch a movie.   I found a VHS home recording of a Saturday Night Live Special aired in 1998 – it was The Chris Farley Tribute Special – complete with my favorite skit ever – Matt Foley, the motivational speaker.

MY GOODNESS.   How things have changed!   We had a blast watching the special, but the commercials were priceless!   Here are some specific things we noticed:

  • The car commercials were still horrible, but even though the cars they were selling were new – they looked old to me (why is that?)
  • Not ONE commercial mentioned a web address
  • There was a commercial for Kodak MAX film – film, people!   You took pictures, then you had to go PAY MONEY and WAIT SEVERAL DAYS until you knew whether or not the picture came out.   And you only get 24 pictures (or 36 on a super roll).
  • The letters “HD” were never mentioned.
  • We watched it on VHS – I even had to adjust the tracking (and I remembered how to do that – I guess I’m old)

It makes me even more determined to continually learn about finances.   Think about how much the world has changed in the world of finances in the past 12 years!   Maybe we will continue the discussion on this tomorrow.

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