How To Destroy Your Finances – Part Four

Welcome to the latest series at the wildly popular – “How To Destroy Your Finances”

In this series, I will be sharing methods proven to cause financial pain and agony. Use these methods if you want to live with piles of stress and harm your relationships.

Part Four   Never Save Money.

This is a GREAT way to destroy your finances. Choose to ignore the fact that life happens, and it will cost money. Ignore the fact that your car tires and brakes are wearing out. Spend all of your money as soon as possible. Buy a Chia Pet. Refuse to acknowledge that appliances will break, the roof will leak, and that you will have a doctor bill one day. Live in a fairy land where the school never sends home fundraisers, you never have a need for emergency travel, or work doesn’t lay you off.

Instead, comfort yourself with lies like, “I just don’t make enough money to save.” Ignore when crazy finance people (like the ridiculous FIRED UP Joseph Sangl) say things like: “You can not PROSPER if you do not SAVE.”

Blame your failure to save on other people and things. It’s your employer’s fault for paying you too little. It’s your kids fault for continuing to grow. It’s your landlord’s fault for not insulating the house. It’s GOT to be someone else’s fault because if it isn’t, then it might be your fault. And we all know that ain’t isn’t possible.

Whatever you do, just spend it all. Live for the moment. We’ll deal with the stress later.

Of course, if you don’t want to destroy your finances, you will choose to save some money every single time you are paid. Even better, you would automate your savings into a great savings account.

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