I Have Had Enough Rant: I Can’t Do This!

If you have attended one of our Financial Learning Experiences or heard me speak somewhere, chances are pretty good that you have had heard me talk about IHHE Moments – I Have Had Enough Moments.

I Have Had Enough … of those who say, "I can't do this!"

I have spoken to or with tens of thousands of people regarding the topic of personal finances.  Without fail from every single event, I have received the phone call, e-mail, or comment that basically says this:

That is easy for you to say.  You have no debt.  You have income.  This will not work for me because of [insert situation here].

I have had enough!  I do not want to hear it anymore!  The FACT (regardless of how one feels about a situation) are that you CAN win with your money.  You CAN become debt-free.  You CAN save for retirement.  You CAN own a house some day.  You CAN pursue a dream.

To those who would say, "Joe, you have no debt."  I would respond by asking them if they have ever read my book, I Was Broke. Now I'm Not.?  I was up to my eyeballs in debt!  While I pursued debt freedom, my wife had to have not one, but two major surgeries with huge deductibles that we had to pay.  Since we have become debt-free, we have experienced to more surgeries, two failed heat pumps, a fixer-upper house, a failed transmission, and many other expenses.  If we could endure this and become debt-free, so can you!

To those who would say, "Joe, you have income."  This is true.  My hero, Dave Ramsey, has said it many times.  There is a good place to go when you are broke – to work – it is a sure-fired moneymaking scheme!  I have always worked.  Always.  I might even be called a workaholic, but the fact is that I will not accept unemployment.  I have spent the time and money to obtain an undergraduate degree.  Once I earned a job in the workplace, I spent the time and money to obtain a graduate degree – all while working a full-time job, being a husband, and becoming a father for the first time.  But I will tell you that I have worked jobs that were horrible too.  I have cleaned confinement hog buildings and "maintained" the hogs (no further details here – but it was awful) – all for minimum wage.  I have cleaned horse stalls and green broke race horses.  I was trampled by one, stepped on a nail while climbing the fence, and scooped horse dung all day long – for a few cents more than minimum wage.  I worked at Taco Bell.  I worked in a smoking hot steel mill.  If I could do this, so can you!

You CAN do this!  No matter what your doubters say.  No matter what your family says.  No matter the frustrations of accomplishing it.

STOP saying you CAN'T do it, and START saying that you WILL do it.

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  1. nick on July 30, 2009 at 5:50 am

    hey joe I meet you at avonlea church(ga) about a year ago and I also was in deep debt and in the beginning, it does feel like its very difficult and very hard when friends and family are buying motorcycles and new cars. That does sound great, but 2 weeks ago 1 family member came to us and had enough and wanted to know what we have been doing because we no longer stress about money and have the ability to spend with out regret. The fact is everyone can do this and you would be stupid not to. I mean really stupid! Good luck everyone and get out of DEBT!

  2. Jane Mitchell on July 30, 2009 at 6:37 am

    I am living proof that it works, too! I was in debt, went on a budget that allowed me to completely pay off my debt, and now am in my first real home, a condo I purchased in Charleston, SC last month. I live on a single Christian school teacher’s salary. I cannot be extravagant, but the fact that I have ZERO credit card debt makes me very happy!
    I am 56 years old.

  3. HS on July 30, 2009 at 7:45 am

    I’m living proof that debt free living is hard!! we can’t live without our credit cards!


  4. TurtleLover on July 30, 2009 at 9:44 am

    Sometimes I watch Dave Ramsey show and I see the people making $100k a year .. claiming they are debt free … and I must admit sometimes I too think they “have it easy” … I make NOWHERE near that! I had credit card debt almost as much as my yearly income. It’s been a little over 2 years and I’m 2/3 done… I’ve got about a year left. It CAN be done. Yes I do have a job so I have income.. but I don’t make all that much! The point is… work with what you have… so it may take a little longer.. it CAN be done … I owe less debt right now then I did with ONE of my 4 credit cards.. I’m on the downhill slide… and I can’t wait. I don’t think people realize that it can be done until they actually DO IT. 2 years ago I would have said … there’s no way! Ha! Prove myself wrong! So for those of you nay-sayers… take the leap of faith…what do you have to lose?

  5. Becky on July 30, 2009 at 11:48 am

    I am new to this. I have recently read your book and have given it to my husband to read. We have more debt that we can afford to pay right now. I stay home with our 3 kids and the finances fall to me, which I don’t mind because my husband works alot and I want his time at home to be family time.
    I need to drive everyone nuts mow though and say that I can’t do this. But I mean it literally! I get the concept and all….But the FORMS, the spread sheets. They don’t do what I want and the outgo so far outweighs the income that I can’t fathom how to make it work. How do I set up Pro-Rata with the credit card debt when I have a hard time making the income cover the basics. How do I get the charts to work. I can’t even get the pay in right. My husband gets paid twice a month. I’m totally overwhelmed. I know we CAN do this IF i can ever figure out the worksheets!

  6. Becky on July 30, 2009 at 11:59 am

    I have now, somehow, not quite sure how, accidentally erased the monthly budget form twice. Now I have to start all over again! How do I factor in quarterly bills like water and motor vehicle tax? We have been paying all the credit card bills and having no clothing budget and I need more money in the food budget but I don’t know how to not pay the minimum due. How do I get past the mental training to pay responsabilities first and survive on the rest? problem is there is no rest.

  7. Jessica on July 30, 2009 at 7:53 pm

    If your husband gets paid twice a month, you should use the bimonthly/weekly excel form. Place the dates your husband gets paid at the top. Put the income for that date right below it in the income column. You then put the bills that will be paid with that pay check in the same column below. Put the second paycheck for the month under the next column. When you put in the amounts for the bills in the same column it will subtract for you and keep a running total at the top of the form.

    You can calculate the “monthly” payments you should set a side to pay for the quarterly bills like water and motor vehicle tax by putting the total amount due in the monthly escrow amount spread sheet and it will divide by 12 for you. Set aside that amount each month, and when the bill comes due, you have the total amount set aside.
    It takes some time but you can do it! I sat down and it took me a couple of hours to figure out our first budget for August last night. I am excited about the possibility of not living paycheck to paycheck simply by keeping track of my money.

    Hope this was of some help!

  8. Travis on July 30, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    Nobody said this was easy. If you can’t live without your cc then you have not had a big enough IHHE moment. We cut so far that I reused a vac cleaner bag more than once! (yep, I dumped the crap out the little hole into the garbage) We did not get out of 32k debt just bc we reused a vac bag but because we were WILLING to.

    It is 80% your behavior and 20% numbers.

    Becky… My heart goes out to you. I know it can be overwhelming but as you unpack the numbers the answers will begin to jump off the page at you. Joe has many post that will be very helpfull. Things that allow you to size up your spending to typical averages. I have posted (like many other) thins like how much we feed a family of four on. Again all this is to allow the numbers to tell their story.

    That is where the gut check comes in. Do I need to sell the car? Or the toy? Or do I need a second job? Do I forget about saving my credit score? I need to feed the family, keep the lights on, keep basic transp and my house current?

    I work plenty of hours, spend quality time with my kids, and still have time to do a budget with my spouce. If only you are working on this, you are working at 50%

    For anybody out there that has a “yes but I ….” there is somebody else that was in the same as or worse situation that made it.
    The diff was that they could see the potential that CAUSED them to find their opportunity . Are you… ?

  9. Jessica Dunn on July 31, 2009 at 8:49 am

    If you are still having trouble with the spreadsheets, email me. I just went through a financial counseling session at my church yesterday and they use this site and all the resources. I admit that when he first open the spreadsheet I was overwhelmed but now can navigate them pretty easily. If you need help, email me and I’ll do my best to walk you through them. My email is: kelterra@hotmail.com

    Please put something in the subject line so I know that it is you (in case it gets misrouted).

    Hope this helps!

    Jessica Dunn

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