I have never seen anyone save money by spending money

Have you ever heard someone say one of the following statements?

  • “I saved $50 on this shirt at the mall!”
  • “I saved $2000 on this new car!”
  • “I saved $200 on this new couch!”

I have one question. Did you really save money while spending money? I can believe that you spent less money, but I cannot believe that you actually saved money.

You may think that I am playing a word game. I am not. Marketers are! They are working to make you feel good about a purchase. They know that you may not want to spend money at that particular moment. They also know that they will not earn any money if they do not sell something! To get you to purchase the item, they need to make the purchase appeal to you. One way they do this is to tell you that you can save money by purchasing today.

Game over. You are not saving money when you are spending money.

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  1. matt carbone on May 16, 2010 at 4:13 am

    Ha! you didnt actualy save anything unless you put the difference of what you would normally pay in a savings acct with no debit card attached!

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