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Back in 2002, I realized that having an average bank balance of $4.13 was not the definition of financial success. I resolved to do something about it. Through the application of advice from financial mentors, reading the money wisdom found in the Bible, and much diligence, my bride and I become financially free. It changed my life so much that I wrote a book about it: I Was Broke. Now I’m Not.

My goal with the book was NOT to become a financial guru or expert. It was simply to tell my story and then share the tools that worked for me. In other words, I wanted it to share my “painful situation,” and then provide practical tools and tips that worked for me. It was what made my life’s passion “to help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible” come to life!

The success we have experienced makes me want to produce additional books and resources for people who are experiencing other painful situations. In other words, I want to start a franchise with the “Now I’m Not.” series (similar to the “Chicken Soup For The Soul” franchise)

For example, it would be incredible to have a book written for those who are wrestling with addiction. The title would be I Was Addicted. Now I’m Not. Can you imagine the help this could provide others who are currently waging their own battle with this horrific life issue?

Here are some titles I have thought of:

  1. I Was Addicted. Now I’m Not.
  2. I Was Fat. Now I’m Not.
  3. I Was Lost. Now I’m Not.
  4. I Was Unemployed. Now I’m Not.
  5. I Was Lonely. Now I’m Not.
  6. I Was Depressed. Now I’m Not.

If you have one of these life change stories, we would be interested in hearing more about it. We might even publish your book and help launch your own organization to help others experience the freedom and hope you have!


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