Ideal vs Real

I was speaking with Pastor Eddie Foster (Family Life Assembly of God – Katy, TX) recently, and he said something that was INCREDIBLE!

He said, “We need to understand the difference between what is IDEAL and what is REAL.”

This is an absolute truth for so many people when it comes to their finances.   Let’s explore this for a moment.

  • IDEAL You want to save $500/month
  • REAL You want to save $100/month
  • IDEAL Your spouse would love the budgeting process (and the math) as much as you
  • REAL Your spouse believes Satan L. Lucifer himself invented math
  • IDEAL You want to go to a 7-day Caribbean cruise that costs $4,000
  • REAL You have $1,000
  • IDEAL You make $100,000 per year
  • REAL You make $40,000 per year

I have seen many people become paralyzed because they do not have the “ideal” situation – so instead of doing what the CAN DO, they choose to do NOTHING.

Are you focusing too much on the “IDEAL” and allowing it to distract you from acknowledging what is “REAL”?

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