I’m selling HOPE!

When I meet with people to help them come up with a plan to win with their finances, I turn into a salesman.

What am I selling?  HOPE

How are sales?  THROUGH THE ROOF!!!

Every week during my classes, counseling sessions, and speaking engagements I see HOPE reappear!  It PUMPS ME UP because I know that HOPE is what will inspire one to sacrifice some fun things now to achieve lifelong dreams.

It excites me because I know that a person with HOPE will be able to plow through some tough times and hard decisions to free themselves financially and go do exactly what God put them on earth to do – regardless of the income potential!

Here are some results of some recent HOPE sales:

  • A person saw that they could be debt-free twelve months sooner if they just sold a car – so they went and sold it!
  • A person saw that they could save $600/year on car insurance – so they went and got better insurance!
  • A couple recently sat in my office and talked about finances TOGETHER for the first time EVER!
  • A couple had never been able to give to their local church like they wanted to.  From the month that they met with me, they have been able to give like they have always wanted.
  • A couple saw that they could be debt-free more than two years sooner if they just sold their cars – so they went and sold them!
  • A young couple getting ready for marriage saw how powerful compound interest was and went and set up their Roth IRA investments with automatic monthly contributions!

Folks, HOPE is there!  If you do not have HOPE, I assure you that there is a way to win with your finances!  It may not be easy.  It may not be fun.  It may not be appealing.  But for those who have decided to tackle it head-on – they are winning and I am PUMPED UP!

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  1. Julie Brown on August 9, 2007 at 5:13 pm

    Hope – absolutely! How about freedom to dream? It’s easier to do that when you can see things becoming a reality. Our emergency fund is officially started (sooner than we thought), we are on pace to pay off 2 more bills, we are becoming more comfortable with negotiating, we are working with a financial advisor to plan for our future, and my husband has told me to pick out a vacation destination for next year! Hope – Freedom – Dreams – I love what our future holds!

  2. Donald Ceasar on April 4, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    We can’t see our way out because we are too busy trying to survive.

  3. Michelle Haughton on October 9, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    I find that having hope, and someone with you on the journey to encourage you are key to achieving your goals. When I first started attending the church I am with now, the pastor gave a message on hope. He talked about an experiment that was done on mice with hope. A mouse without hope will tread water for about 7 minutes. A mouse WITH HOPE, whose experience in life has taught him to have hope will tread water over 6 hours!!! That’s a powerful difference. But the hope was built by someone who had rescued that mouse’s life time after time. In our lives we have Jesus Christ and fellow believers. Crucial, very crucial to take that hope and the strength that comes with it for the Journey. So far the biggest thing I see in this group study is you are imparting hope, and building hope in the people that desperately need it with their finances. I have read other books and taken other classes. And the information was similar. But what you offer is hope. Thank you. Hope is a powerful gift. Thank you for running with it, you and your wife and team and helping others to do what they dream.

  4. allen johnson on February 8, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    Hope is good but i believe you have the keys to help me learn how to become debt free and live to help others. More importantly to stop feeding seymour aka debt.

  5. Daniel Borunda on March 12, 2014 at 8:58 pm

    I still have hope. This is why I am on this journey of financial awareness and HOPEFULLY will never stop!

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