I am inspired by people who aim to make a difference with their lives. I am inspired when a family is financially broken, and they decide it is time to change the situation in a major way. They become seriously focused. They will not take “No!” for an answer. They will not be denied. They have decided that it is time to make a change. It takes them time, but guess what? They become debt-free. They have a healthy savings account. They make purchases with cash. In the end, they completely change their financial future.

Do you know what this family is now able to do? Help others! Give more than they have ever given! Build wealth which can be used to forever change their family tree! True inspiration!

I am inspired by the single mother who manages to raise three children all by herself and put them through college without debt! This is someone I admire greatly! Why? She would not give in. She would not be denied. She would not throw a pity party. She devised a plan and made it happen!

I am convinced that those individuals who achieve financial plan through much focused intensity and effort are better able to help others and are happier for it! They developed a plan, purposed in their heart to accomplish it, and then they went and made it happen!

If you are the type of person I have described above, I am motivated by you! I am inspired by you! It makes me so pumped up to know people who are unwilling to take lightly the unbelievable benefits that are available to Americans.

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