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I constantly receive questions about where one should invest their money.

Many folks hear about investing in the stock market, and it all starts sounding like a bunch of gobly-gunk.  This is because of the huge quantity of options that are out there.

DISCLAIMER:  I am no investing specialist.  I don't sell mutual funds.  I am not an investing guru.  So go see your investing professional before you invest.

I thought today I would explain how I have invested in the stock market.

  • I start with the company's plan.  The fees are cheaper and this is where the company match goes.
  • Since I have a long time until I need the money, I split my investment choices into mutual funds that are highly focused on small, upcoming companies that have a lot of potential for growth.
  • My current retirement investment split is about 90% stock/10% bonds.
  • My retirement investment choices currently are about 30% International Stock Mutual Funds, 20% Aggressive Growth Stock Mutual Funds, 20% Growth Stock Mutual Funds, 20% Growth & Income Stock Mutual Funds, and 10% individual company stocks.

Now, the market has been on a run lately.  I am not able to predict market performance, but I have a long time until I need my retirement money.  SO, what is Joe and Jenn doing with their money?  Continuing to invest.  Every single month.  If the market goes down, we will continue to invest.  Every single month.

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  1. Jon Smock on July 6, 2007 at 10:27 am

    Great post. Good disclaimer, good advice, and honest reflection of your own strategy. I feel motivated :-).

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