It is time to put together a plan!

How do the Clemson Tigers prepare for a football game?   Do you think they just go to classes all week and then get together on Saturday morning and say, “OK.   We have Virginia Tech coming into town today.   Let’s go out there and play really hard.”

NO!!!   They plan for months for the game!   They watch hours of game tape of the other team.   They put together some plans for each style of play that they have seen the other team run.   They prepare specifically to shut down star players.   They have quarterback meetings, receivers meetings, O-line meetings, running back meetings, D-line meetings, on and on and on.   They even have meetings to arrange other meetings!

Bottom Line:   They have a plan!

What about successful businesses?   Do you think they are guessing about what may or may not work?   No way!   Too much is at stake!   McDonald’s runs food tasting test trials long before a new product hits the market – I love the snack wrap!   What about Best Buy?   Do you think they just put something on the shelf because it is an electronics related item?   No way!   It has to meet certain standards of quality, value, supply, and other important criteria.   Why?   Because the company’s success is at stake!

Bottom Line:   They have a plan!

How much time have you spent on your financial plan?   How much time have you spent on your life plan?   You owe it to yourself to spend time managing “You, Incorporated”.   Put together a plan that allows you to go do exactly what you were put on this earth to do.   That thing you were created for!   You see, if you do not do exactly what you were put on this earth to do – we are all going to miss out in seeing you accomplish it!!!   Put together a plan. Work toward accomplishing it every single day.

Bottom Line:   You can accomplish your life’s dream, that thing you have been created for!   Have a plan!

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