It is TIME

What are you waiting for?  Are you looking for a sign?  What type of sign?  You already have the burden to do it.  You already know what it is that you have been put on this earth to do.  You have been putting it off forever.  You can deny yourself (and God) forever, but in the end is all of the frustration and sadness worth it?

You can do it!  Maybe finances are blocking your way to do it right now – well then, let's get on about fixing the situation!  I am so SAD about the people I have met that are incredibly gifted and talented, but are in financial bondage!  I KNOW that they could be able to go do exactly what they were made to do in just a few short months or years if they would just take the time to fix their finances.  I KNOW that they would be doing exactly what God put them on earth to do!  I KNOW that I would see them at their finest – at their most alive point in life – if they would just eliminate the financial stress and go do the very thing they were put on earth to accomplish!

IT IS TIME!!!!  I can not wait any longer!  Your gift and your life's objective is TOO important to me!  You were put on earth to do something very specific.  If you do not do it, who will?  Who will not be administered to?  Who will be denied an opportunity?  Who will be left without?  Who will be at risk?  Who will be in trouble?  Who will not have a mentor?

Go get your finances in order and get about doing exactly what you were made to do!!! 

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