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Personal finances impact every area of a person’s life. It impacts relationships with their spouse, parents, children, friends, neighbors, church, and God. It is a subject that many do not want to talk about because it is an embarrassing subject. I spent the first six years of my career being embarrassed. How could I make so much money and still be broke? To make matters worse – I did not even know where it all went!!! I mean, I went to 20 years of school, and I did not have one class on personal finances. The classes I took helped me earn more money, but they did not teach me what to do with it once I received it.

My Story
In December 2002, my wife and I moved to a new state and a new job. There were two key items that I failed to remember:
1) When you leave an employer, they stop paying you!
2) Christmas was in December that year! – Like they move it or something!

We ended up using the credit cards to pay for our expenses until our first paycheck from my new job. This was the third time that our credit cards were loaded up again. We had paid them off two times before and now here they were again!

Well, Jenn and I got mad! We amputated the credit cards. What’s in my wallet? Cash! Now that I got rid of my Capital One card!!! We began to learn about finances. We read Dave Ramsey’s book Financial Peace, Revisted. We started up Dave Ramsey’s class, Financial Peace University, so that we could learn even more. It was time to make a serious change or else we were going to always end up wondering where our money went.

Bottom line – 14 months and we were debt-free except the house. Better – Jenn and I communicate about our money. When we communicate about our money, we talk about our dreams for the future, where we want to be in 1 year, 5 years, and 25 years. We talk about each month’s upcoming events – including family members’ upcoming special days (birthdays/anniversaries/showers/etc.).

We have now had over 380 people go through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. I have had the huge honor of helping many couples work through their first budgets in one-on-one settings. God had instilled a passion in me to help people accomplish more than they ever thought possible. So here I am. Ready to help you learn more about personal finances. Ready to help you accomplish more than you ever thought was possible. I welcome your thoughts, discussion, comments, and insight as we work together to become financially fit!


  1. Roger Eaton Multimedia on February 1, 2006 at 2:46 pm

    That is awesome. Our church has been doing this for several years with no more than 10 couples or so each. This Spring there are over 30 couples/families signed up for it.

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