Learn the practical tools that Joe used to march out of debt and win with money!

I Was Broke. Now I'm Not. Customer Statements

"Our pastor suggested this book to us. We've read it together and applied the principles in our finances. WHAT a world of change! This book makes saving and budgeting FUN and you actually feel accomplished when you start to put it into practice!! All we can say is BUY IT!" — Nancy C.

"The tools and information included in this book prove to be invaluable. Joe's no holds barred approach at taking control of your finances can be applied to any financial situation. This well written, down to earth book combines personal experiences, with professional insight and includes the tools needed to learn and incorporate a positive plan to turn your finances around and make your dreams come true. This is a must read." — Michael C.

"Joe did a great job in his book for the average person to understand and implement his ideas. I wish we would have known a 3rd of this information 20 years ago and we wouldn't be where we are now. The book gives you a simple plan to follow and IF you do it, it will work. I look at the whole budget idea like a diet. I know what to do to loose weight, its simple eat less, move more. But unless I take action it won't happen. I'll be in the same place next year that I am right now, overweight and unhappy. If you keep doing what your doing with your money and don't learn from your mistakes or learn how to budget you'll never fix the problem. I highly recommend this book for everyone, my 18 year old son is now using a budget. He has a part time job and only 3 bills, but he won't be in credit card debt if he follows Joes' rules to live by. This book would make a great graduation gift for everyone you know. Help the children learn NOW instead of Pay later." — Konnie R.

"All marches toward debt free living start with a first step. This book can be your first step. I wish someone had taught me the principles presented in this book when I was in my twenties. I am thankful my wife and I found them in our late thirties. Read the book, follow the concepts, and for the first time in your life feel some sense of control over your financial future." — Bill B.

"The author has credibility which provides the reader with hope, encouragement and trust...If you're fed up and willing to make changes to the way you manage your money, this book will provide the simple truths that allow you to make a plan and be excited about it." — Kem M.

"This thing can be read in about an hour and you'll get a ton out of it! What I love the most is that it is written at a level that not only ANYONE can understand, but, more importantly, ANYONE can apply—immediately. If you've struggled in the area of finances, you need to get this." — Rob S.

"A passionate advocate for financial transformation, Sangl shares from the insight and passion of a man who knows both the burden of broke as well as the fruit of being frugal. As you hear his mistakes and successes you quickly see the reality of financial freedom hitting you up-side your head. If you...want something to hand every person in your life who needs to wake up and smell the bank account, this is your ticket. Take the plunge and buy this book. At 121 pages you will not find a more pointed and practical piece of work on this subject. Get the book, read it over and then pass it (and the tools) along to people who need it. The dude will help you help others get a grip on their finances." — Tally W.

"Folks, this is just the type of book that everyone needs to read about their finances...It is the inspirational story of how he and his wife have succeeded with money. Therein lies another key to winning with money. LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE SUCCEEDED. Everyone has an opinion. Joe has gone through and is living what he teaches...This is not an in-depth scientific or technical text on money management. It is clear, basic steps that every person can, and should put to use. Anytime you read a book and it motivates you to action, it is a good thing. This is one of those books. This is a book that will be in my personal "toolbox" as I encourage others to be good stewards and win with their finances." — Paul N.