Just Because You Say So …

Have you ever firmly believed something only to discover that it was not true?

Santa Claus ring a bell?  The Easter bunny?  Tooth Fairy?

“Santa IS real!” we would exclaim when confronted with the brutal facts.  In others words,Just because you say so, doesn’t mean it is so.”

We might smile about the “oh my goodness!” moments when we discovered that our beliefs were dashed about Santa, but I’ve seen that many people believe things about money that are untrue.  No matter how much a person exclaims, protests, or yells, it won’t change reality.

Here are some common mistaken beliefs people have when it comes to money:

  1. “Even though I have a job, I need to earn more money to be able to actually win financially.”
  2. “I’m too old to win with money.”
  3. “I can maximize my money even though I do not have a budget.”
  4. “Earning money under the table means that I shouldn’t have to pay taxes on it.”
  5. “I can never save and never invest and still retire well.”

Have you ever believed one of these falsehoods?  Any others that you have believed that you later discovered to be untrue?

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