Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

Have you ever been involved in a big project?  I mean a big project!  One with large quantities of work, assignments, people, and deadlines involved?   If you have been associated multiple projects like this, I can virtually guarantee that you have experienced the "mired-in-the-details-I-have-no-clue-about-what-is-going-on" leader.

This is the type of leader who, when leading a project to solve world-hunger, will spend fifteen days determining what type of tablecloth to have at the fund-raising dinner.

This is the type of leader who, when leading a project to build a new school, will spend seven days figuring out the number of brick it will take.

Most of the items that the project leader focuses on ARE important, it is just not important for them to figure it out!

I believe that all people have been stuck in the details at one point or another.

Examples include:

  • Polishing up the entire house for Thanksgiving dinner, but forgetting to put the turkey in the oven.
  • Making sure the children are delivered to and picked up from school on time, but never taking time to see how school is going.
  • Obtaining that huge promotion at work, but neglecting the entire family for three years to get there.

I see a great example of this in the Bible, Acts 6.  The widows were being overlooked in the daily serving of food, and the disciples were being asked to attend to the widows.  Was feeding the widows important?  Absolutely!  However, what was the Main Thing for the disciples?  Tellling others about Jesus!  So, what did the disciples do?  They selected seven trustworthy individuals and put them in charge of serving the widows.

The disciples said it so well …  "It is not desirable for us to neglect the word of God in order to serve tables."

Are you keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing?  Have you been distracted from the ultimate reason you have been put on this earth  It is time to refocus!

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